Chris Brighton

Managing Partner / CEO  North America

Over 33 years market experience in rates, including research, sales, and trading; 16 years at Merrill Lynch and 17 years at Société Générale (SG Fimat/SG Newedge).

Jim Lockard

Founding Partner

30+ years market experience in rates sales & trading at Salomon, Merrill, & Barclays (Managing Director, USD product manager), rates proprietary trading (Nomura) and rates relative value sales & trading (SG Fimat/Man Group).

John Wentzell

CEO / Founding Partner

20+ years market experience in rates proprietary trading (Chemical/Chase/JPM) as well as rates relative value sales & trading (SG Fimat/Man Group).

Astor Ridge Europe

Rob Baida

20+ years market experience in both fixed income and equity sales and trading in Toronto and London specializing in Canadian institutional investors with RBC, Cantor and Prebon.

Marc Lamoureux

25 years experience in both rates trading and sales. Formerly Head of Gilt trading at DB and Head of UK Rate Sales at JPM and BAML (where he was Managing Director).

Michael Ohr

Over 25 years experience in macro and RV rates strategies on both sell side and proprietary trading / buy side at Merrill Lynch, UBS, Credit Suisse, Paloma Partners and Matrix.

James Rice

25 years market experience in rates; including Managing Director & head of government bond market-making at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and, prior to that, government bond proprietary and client trading at Barclays and Bear Stearns.

George Whitehead

Over 35 years of experience in rates sales, specialising in U.K. Gilts to pension funds, insurance companies, hedge funds, and central banks at Citigroup, HSBC, RBC, Dresdner, Jefferies, and Société Générale.

Chris Williams

30 years market experience in rates sales at Cargill, Merrill Lynch, Dresdner Kleinwort, and Société Générale (SG Newedge), specialising in listed derivatives and technical analysis.

Astor Ridge North America

Brice Janney

Over 25 years of market experience in rates relative value sales and trading at Société Générale (SG Fimat/SG Newedge), Man Group, Guggenheim Securities, and Drexel Burnham Lambert.